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Film Review: The Bourne Legacy

The Bourne Legacy

A continuation of the Rodbert Ludlum-inspired universe first seen in The Bourne Identity; The Bourne Legacy stars Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross, another member of the top secret government project known as TREADSTONE. Not a reboot of the original trilogy of films, this film references the events of the earlier films heavily. Flashy and action-packed, Renner carries the film, despite the now-leaden, predictable and boring premise.

Movie Rating: 

Awesome Political Artwork

Reagan Riding a Velociraptor

Just thought I would share this: and artist who creates paintings of American Presidents in heroic poses. My favorite is pictured above -- Ronald Reagan riding a velociraptor while firing a submachine gun and an RPG. The artist has also created images of Jefferson battling a gorilla, Teddy Roosevelt fighting Bigfoot and Obama riding a lion.

Obama should have been riding a unicorn, or fighting the 2nd Amendment, or fiscal responsibility, but still -- great artwork.

Film Review: Skyfall


This is Daniel Craig's third outing as Bond and drops the storyline which held his previous two films together, that of the Quantum organisation and its nefarious dealings around the globe. This time we have direct threats to M (Judi Dench, returning for the seventh time) and MI-6's very existence. These come variously from Silva (Javier Bardem), a person from M's past, and from the British Government, wearing the friendly face of Voldemort himself, Ralph Fiennes.

Movie Rating: 

Romney vs. Big Bird

During last week's first presidential debate, Mitt Romney declared that he would cut all funding for programs on the basis of the question: "Is this program so crucial that it is worth borrowing money from China to protect?" He then headed directly at an issue some commentators had noticed -- Jim Lehrer, the moderator of the debate, is an employee of PBS (Public Broadcasting Service).

Romney stated unequivocally that he would cut PBS's funding -- saying to the moderator, "I really like Big Bird, and I even like you Mr. Lehrer." But hey, we're in a financial crisis, and some cuts are going to have to be made. It's not personal, it's just business.

My 8 Pound Keyboard & Me

That's Mah Babeh!

As I mentioned earlier, I've become ensnared in a shadowy underworld of keyboard enthusiasts in the last, oh, month or so. And here is where it has led me -- to a keyboard I remembered from my teenage years. What you see here is an IBM Model M keyboard. They are prized by collectors for their durability and their distinctive 'clicky' sounding keys. I'm a history buff, a computer geek and a writer -- and the Model M sits at the intersection of those interests.

Follow the jump for a guided tour of the rabbit hole.

Romney Crushes Obama in First Debate

Sorry Son, But You've Got To Eat Your Peas

After reviewing the blogosphere's reaction to the first presidential debate between Obama and Romney, I think Dennis Miller described the outcome most succinctly: "I sure hope Obamacare covers a kicked ass." Second place goes to Ann Coulter who commented that despite the date being Barack and Michelle's 20th anniversary... Michelle wanted to go home with Mitt.

Obama was awful and Romney was phenomenal.

Some thoughts after the jump

What Must Have Happened for Freeh to Be Right

From FramingPaterno.com, John Ziegler gives us this 10 minute video billed as:

Here is an exclusive MUST SEE VIDEO on the "cover up"!!! This is exactly what would have had to have happened if the Freeh Report is correct. Spread the truth and the laughs!

It is quite hillarious in illustrating the absurdity of a "cover up".

Thoughts on Impending Fatherhood


There are three stages of a man's life:  He believes in Santa Claus, he doesn't believe in Santa Claus, he is Santa Claus.  ~Author Unknown




Well folks, we may have been hacked.

I received an email from the hosting company letting me know that access to the site had been suspended due to red flags being thrown up that indicated we may have been hacked. So, I was given a list of things to fix, I fixed them (deleted them, actually) and we're back up.

The site is now completely updated codewise, all modules up to date, etc.

So we should be firing on all cylinders.

Film Review: The Dark Knight Rises

Director Christopher Nolan completes his Batman franchise film trilogy, and we find Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) living a recluse in 'stately Wayne Manor' -- where he has remained for the past eight years. He hobbles about on a cane, and guests to the various Wayne Family charity balls snigger that 'Wayne probably has eight-inch long fingernails and is filling jars with his own urine, like Howard Hughes!"

Bruce's faithful butler Alfred (the inimitible Michael Caine, whose accent is still hard to place) is glad Master Bruce has managed to 'stay out of that awful cave.' -- but he's constantly trying to get him back out into the world.

The world forces itself upon Bruce in the form of a terrorist named Bane (biceps provided by Tom Hardy) who wears a scary-looking mouthpiece, kills people, all while sounding like the narrator for 'Masterpiece Theater'. As usual, Batman wildly underestimates his nemesis, and pays the price.

Movie Rating: 

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