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Film Review: The Dark Knight Rises

Director Christopher Nolan completes his Batman franchise film trilogy, and we find Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) living a recluse in 'stately Wayne Manor' -- where he has remained for the past eight years. He hobbles about on a cane, and guests to the various Wayne Family charity balls snigger that 'Wayne probably has eight-inch long fingernails and is filling jars with his own urine, like Howard Hughes!"

Bruce's faithful butler Alfred (the inimitible Michael Caine, whose accent is still hard to place) is glad Master Bruce has managed to 'stay out of that awful cave.' -- but he's constantly trying to get him back out into the world.

The world forces itself upon Bruce in the form of a terrorist named Bane (biceps provided by Tom Hardy) who wears a scary-looking mouthpiece, kills people, all while sounding like the narrator for 'Masterpiece Theater'. As usual, Batman wildly underestimates his nemesis, and pays the price.

Movie Rating: 

The Chief Justice Blinks

Last week the Supreme Court shocked everyone by ruling that ObamaCare was constitutional, and while I was fully prepared to hear liberals declare victory in the wake of the opposite ruling, I was shocked to see conservatives pulling the Baghdad Bob routine. How can this ruling be seen as anything except cowardly and wrong?

When a non Tax is a Tax

When is a non-tax a tax?

Opinion link presented without much comment as I've only browsed the syllabus and read the early part of the dissent, which would have struck down the entire law.




Conservative Men Are Paleolithic Throwbacks

ROMNEY 2012!!!

The UK's Telegraph reports that 'strong men' (read 'cavemen') tend to vote conservative. A new study by Australian scientists indicate that men are "more likely to hold right wing political views because they believe society should be geared to personal struggle and self-preservation, an academic study claims."

I think this deserves further study. Could the converse be true? I find gender studies to be utterly fascinating for Gender Studies majors, and thoroughly stupid for everyone else, but hey, let's go there!

The Perils of Rejecting ObamaCare

An incredibly chilling interview with Neal Katyal, US Solicitor General who argued in defense of ObamaCare's individual mandate in the lower courts. Read it and weep: The original text of the interview can be found here.

Follow the jump for my take on it.

Terror-Stricken Frog Bobsleds

Obama Re-Election Video

This is the 2-minute trailer for the 17-minute movie to be released on March 15th, titled 'The Road We've Traveled'. Narrated by Tom Hanks, it chronicles the Herculean tasks that President Obama has tackled in his first term as president. Kyle Smith, film reviewer at the New York Post remarked that the film could be titled: "Lights! Camera! Excuses!"

Follow the jump for my take on this.

People of Walmart (Sexy And I Know It)

This one is for Will, who loves to mock Walmart patrons. Me... I like Walmart myself.

Barack On The Plight of the Masses

"Anybody gone into Whole Foods lately and see what they charge for arugula?"

2008 Campaign Trail

SSX launches today!

EA's uber franchise PS2-era snowboarding masterpiece SSX finally hits stores today for the PS3, and here's the release trailer, to give you some indication of just how awesome this game will be.

I'll be posting my review in a few days after I get some time with it.

If you're unsure if SSX is for you check out my blog's coverage of SSX @ willsfreeswim.blogspot.com/search/label/SSX

Krog, D & I will see you on the mountains tonight! Get ready to eat our powder! 

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