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American Crisis: Too Many Rich People

It's the Rich White People Who Are Dragging Us Down!

After reading today's posted results of Gallup's latest poll, I realize now why I don't like taking surveys. It's  the openly stupid questions. The main feature of the poll results is that Americans are almost evenly divided on the topic of 'income redistribution'. Roughly half of Americans favor it. It brings to mind an episode of SpikeTV's 'The Man Show' in which the two male hosts ask women to sign a petition denouncing the 'suffraging' of women.

But that wasn't the poll question that surprised me the most.

Film Review: Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Sweeping across a disquieting clockwork map, an epic score swelling in the background, the opening sequence of HBO's Game of Thrones promises viewers another quasi-historical show. Perhaps in the vein of the Tudors or the Borgias - with a bit of the fantastic added for spice. It is HBO, so we are anticipating alot of skin and carnage. But as readers of the book it is adapted from know, Game of Thrones frequently subverts the expected with a vengeance, karma is constantly thwarted, and the best laid plans crumble to dust.

Movie Rating: 

Weak test limerick.

There was a man from West Chester
Served the King well as court jester
hidden on the wall
spring turned into fall
as he realized he had been sequestered.


Catching Up: Law & Order & Lincoln

Rel as usual is behind in TV, entertainment, and BP. So much stuff cycles through our DVR, rarely do we see things when they air. Usually we are weeks behind, and sometimes we don't get to a season finale until the next season has begun.

So, what has Rel been watching lately?

French Philosopher Defends DSK

The head of the International Monetary Fund (think welfare for failed nations) Dominique Strauss-Kahn (or DSK) was arrested last week on charges of attempted rape and sodomy. An African immigrant hired to clean his $3,000/night room at an upscale Manhattan hotel alleges that she entered his room and was attacked.

DSK was the shoo-in candidate to win the Socialist Party ticket in France, and was a favorite to beat Sarkozy's re-election bid. He has since resigned from his post at the IMF and is now renting an apartment in New York City where he will be held under house arrest.

Chris Christie for President

Why do I support Chris Christie for President? Because he manages to speak like a normal person; a person in command of the facts. Contrast that to every other candidate who (with the notable exceptions of Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich) constructs every sentence as though it must have an escape hatch.

Newt Self Destructs

I'm somehow strangely relieved that Newt Gingrich went ahead and pressed his own personal self-destruct button by denoucing Paul Ryan's plan to restructure Medicare as "right-wing social engineering." I've always admired Gingrich's ability to generally raise the intellectual level of any debate he enters, but this time I think his ego has gotten the best of him.

Obama Artist Against Interracial Marriage

Love is a beautiful thing -- it turns the most annoying qualities about you into endearing quirks! It makes the world go round, etc., etc. But for a poet and songwriter who has recently been invited to the Obama White House, black men should marry black women. I could easily have written about another black poet and rapper  named 'Common' who was invited to the White House, who is infamous for writing songs urging people to shoot cops and set the previous president on fire, but really, that's hardly a scandal.


Rejoice! Osama bin Laden was found in Pakistan by Navy SEALS and double-tapped twice in the head. After a religiously-sensitive funeral service aboard a military vessel his body was buried at sea. Follow the jump for discussion and observations.

Sad Obama Protest

Wow, these songwriters journalists are just raging, aren't they?

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