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Highlander: The Source

Highlander: The Source (2007). Earlier in the week, I made some mention of this film in a blog post, and I was hemming and hawing about whether to do a review. Thanks to some prodding from K, this minor review has come to fruition. It's not to the K standard, but it seems quite amusing nonetheless. (Don't click more unless you are prepared for spoilers, including the ending)

The Source apparently was never theatrically released in the United States. I wasn't even aware of it until I happened upon it on SciFi last Sunday. That alone speaks miles about the film's bombness. Maybe it is that bombness going in that makes it bearable - expectations are so low that the final product actually looks not half bad. It doesn't fit well into the Highlander regime, but if one ignores that aspect, and one hadn't seen Engame or the Series, it boils down to a B level horror/mystery, where the "pilgrims" keeps getting picked off one-by-one looking for "The Source".

The Catchphrase on the poster is "The Quest for Mortality Begins". Though that really isn't explained well in the film, other than the immortal gang (the aforementioned pilgrims) being warned at some point that the will get weaker as they get closer to "The Source". The hunter is "The Guardian", who is tasked with guarding the source. We are later told that this Guardian was someone who had bested the old Guardian, only to find out he was not "The One", and thus was condemned to being the new Guardian.

The film centers around the Duncan MacLeod character (Adrian Paul) introduced in the 1992 TV series pilot. It is the first film that does not have the Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) character.

Back to the Highlander regime. This is at least the third film to have a "prize" at the end, a so-called resolution to the "There can be only one" cry. It's almost a choose-your-own-adventure (remember those books?) way to finish the story. Pick your ending by which sequel you watch. Or which version of which sequel you watch. The "prize" in The Source turns out to be the ability to have a child. The "prize" in prior films was to be the last immortal. The convenient out, of course, is that some were missing, so the last wasn't truly the last.

One also has to wonder about Duncan MacLeod, and his love interests, between the Series (Tessa), Endgame (Kate) and Source (Anna), where the latter two were supposedly married to Duncan. The Series in particular made it clear that Duncan had a hard time dealing with the loss of past loves, by watching them grow old and die. Yet between the Seires and the last two films, Duncan has three love interests in a relatively short amount of time. Tessa is the easy explantion - she is killed off in the 1993 episode titled "The Darkness" (S2, E4). Duncan had been with her for 12 years at the time of the pilot, and finally proposed earlier in the episode where she was killed. The incongruity is between Endgame and The Source. The answer as to what happened to Kate is not answered in the beginning of The Source, which leads one to question whether Endgame really exists in the universe of The Source. One has to think that The Source relies on the theatrical ending to Endgame, where Kate dies, in order to exist. Though the existence of Methos in The Source, and no death shown after an appearance in Endgame, suggests that the prize was not fully won in Endgame as originally suggested.

For those wishing to view it for themselves, it airs on Tuesday, 7/7/09, at 9:30am EDT on SciFi Channel (DTV #244).

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