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Angelina Jolie

Accused of being a Russian spy, CIA operative Evelyn Salt goes on the run, using all her skills as a covert operative to stay one step ahead of the CIA.

We begin with Salt being tortured in a Chinese prison, but she is quickly rescued by the CIA and her husband. At home she is at peace with her husband until a Russian defector is brought by the CIA with a strange claim -- there's a mole in the CIA, and name of the mole is Evelyn Salt.

So I've been wanting to see SALT ever since I read a rough draft of the script last year  What I read was pretty intriguing and it was only a first draft and I could easily imagine Jolie playing the main character even though it was originally intended for a male lead.

in fact Tom Cruise was that person, but I still in my mind I could see Jolie in the role because she's the only other female actor who could pull off such brainless action and that isn't a knock on Jolie. Other than the lead role change it still mostly lived up to the original idea, except in the end she doesn't save her wife and kids as Tom would have. I can't give away what happens in the end with this final draft.

SALT is a high concept, Hollywood action movie -- so if you are looking for realism you might want to check your mind at the theater entrance.  The suspension of belief in pretty much all the action sequences was a little too much or overkill.

When Salt is ordered to stay put for her interrogation she tries to call her husband but cannot reach him. Fearing for his safety Salt goes on the run to find out if her husband is safe. One of the agents pursuing her, Ted (Liev Schreiber), does not believe she is a double agent. But even he can't convince all the goverment agents. We learn through some flashbacks that Salt isn't innocent by any means, but she is also not exactly a bad person either.

This plot seemed interesting at first but the big problem is it gives away too much information during this inciting incident. I mean that almost lets steem out of the whole movie, but as I stated it has tons of action and that really what makes up for it all. I would say the plot could be plausible in the real world.

The movie does a good job of keeping everyone's trustworthiness constantly in question. No one is innocent in the movie. Although there are three bad guys and they all seem a bit shallow for their own good. The couple of twists and turns were relatively small and it the plot was easy to follow. The ending was interesting but seemed somewhat contrived because it was so near the end.

SALT borrows a lot from the Jason Bourne franchise and Jolie kicks a lot of butt in the film. If you yearn to see Angelina Jolie defeat an entire room of hulking men without breaking a sweat, then this movie is for you. Some of the action sequences are inventive even if they are completely unbelievable.

For example, in one scene a Russian diplomat who Salt believes is part of the plot to implicate her as a double agent is at a podium. Salt decides to kill him, but instead of sniping him when she has the chance, she instead waits until he's giving a speech at a podium, and finds a tunnel directly underneath him (all while evading the police in the tunnels). She then throws a package of C4 explosive up onto the ceiling, detonates it, and the diplomat comes crashing down into the tunnels. Inventive? Sure. Believable. Uh, no.

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