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The Strangers

No not that kind of terror.  It didn't have Insurgents in it. Anyway, Krog inspired me to watch something for Halloween and this movie was inspired by an event that happened to the Director of this movie when he was a child.  Basically a man knocked on his door and asked for someone who didn't live there. Come to find out that same man broke into houses in his neighborhood that night. This movie starts out with a couple (Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman) coming home from a wedding at 4:00 AM.  They are kind of in a fight because the man asked his girlfriend to marry him and she turns him down.  I'd say by the end of the night she wishes she had said yes. And I immediately thought what was to come and began to happen was a tactic to scare her into marrying him.  How gullible I am...maybe that's what I would have done.  Not really. This movie is more of a terror movie than horror.  It did have some creepy stuff in it.  Some of it has to do with a record player.  Some freaky scenes.

It then went on with knocking at the front door.  The boyfriend opens the door to a girl whose face you can't really see.  She asks, "Is Tamera here?"  They say "No." and she just stands there.  Then does it again after the door is shut. She does this a few times more.  I kind of liked her.  She is persistent and I like that in a woman. Liv runs out of cigarettes and her boyfriend decides to go get her some.  How convenient -- what store in the middle of nowhere sells Cigarettes  at 4:00AM?  I guess the store in this movie.  Cool.  I want some Pepsi and a hot dog.

So he leaves without any bad people messing with him.  In fact they give him a list of what they want too.  Okay, I'm kidding about that last part. Her boyfriend is gone and she is all by her lonesome. Or is she?  She does some things, gets a drink, smokes her half of a cigarette she had been saving.  Hey, I thought she was out?  Liar! Suddenly a BAM! at the door.  She looks in her purse for her cell phone and guess what?  I bet you can't guess what happens.  Wrong!  It won't work because the battery is dead.  Oh, you did guess?  Sorry... So she plugs it up and grabs the house phone.  She calls her boyfriend because the sounds in the house and, at the front door, she opened the curtain that looks into the backyard and there is a dude in a Scarecrow mask!?  WTF? She asks when he'll be home.

It looks like it will be awhile.  And suddenly the phone goes dead.  What? No way, not in a movie like this.  She looks over and smoke is coming into the house from the fire that her boyfriend made in the fireplace.  She has to open the flu or something.  Then the fire alarm goes off.  She knocks it down to turn it off.  Then more banging, so she goes to get a knife.  When she is in the kitchen you suddenly see in the background the guy in the scarecrow mask appears from a doorway, but he just stands there.  I don't think he has a brain.  He then leaves. More banging and weird noises.  She goes to her bedroom and it gets worse.  She grabs the lamp and breaks it accidentally cutting her hand. Then it stops, but you hear someone walking towards her room.  She gets ready to stab, but it is her boyfriend.  Huh?  How did he walk through that gauntlet of noise unscathed? That was why I suspected him but I think the Director wanted us to think that.  So she is freaking out, crying and so on.  He is calm as if not believing her.  They walk out into the front room and the camera pans to the fireplace where the phone is burning.  They don't smell this?  It's burning plastic! 

He decides to go out to his car because he forgot his cellphone out there.  He gets out there and his car is in shambles.  Windshield broken, seats ripped up and wires all over.  While he searches for his cellphone a hand appears and touches his neck.  Kind of made me jump.  I won't lie.  He turns around and no one is there.  Are these people able to teleport? He sees the girl out in the street that knocked on their door.  He asks what does she want and now all of a sudden she is a mute.  He goes back to the house.  Banging again and various stuff.  He finds his cellphone on the piano with no *gasp* battery.  Okay, now let's get out of here.  They run outside and try to leave with the car.  But the bad guys/girls say"I don't think so!"  A truck comes at them from behind and runs into them.  So where was this truck when he left?  They get surrounded and it is back to the house again.  I'm tired.... Now things get more amped up.  An axe goes through the front door chopping.  They grab the nice piano and put it in front of door.  The bad guy has an axe for godsake!  The piano is made of...wood.

So the boyfriend looks for his dad's shotgun.  He finds it and they go to another room looking for shells in a closet.  He finds them and they go to another room in the dark with no windows.  Smart, eh?  No! He has a shotgun.  I would have went outside and blasted them all. They then quit their scariness.  Outside a SUV pulls up.  It is their friend.  It is now 5:00AM or so.  He is talking on his cellphone.  YAY! A phone that does work!  BAM! something goes through his windshield.  He gets out and those darn teleporters appear again. He runs inside.  Remember Liv and Scott are scared shitless in a room waiting for someone to walk in from the hallway?  Boy will they get a surprise. Here comes friend and friend gets blasted in the face.  OUCH!  What a friend.

Scott realizes what happened and cries, gets sick.  Liv cries and I cry too. But only for a second, I swear... So now Scott decides to take care of business and go outside to take them on with the good 'ol shotgun.  Leaving poor beautiful LIv to fend for herself.  What a boyfrined, huh?  He's great. Well they seem to teleport as usual.  He sees a person in a mask and they shine their flashlight in his eyes so he can't shoot.  He could have if really wanted to, he turns around to one of the other people in a mask and it pans back to Liv.  You hear a shotgun blast.  She freaks, I freak.  Because is he dead?

I'll never tell... Liv cries again.  She goes to the back door and runs towards a big shed and falls hurting her knee or something.  So she crawls around.  Sees these weirdos'.  She watches the one with the scarecrow mask.  He doesn't know she's there.  She makes it to the shed.  Hears noises, finds a CB radio and tries to call for help.  Would these people just get it over with already?  Anyway she fails at this rescue attempt all the while these creeps mess with her head. She runs back to the house.  Sees the scarecrow man, but he doesn't see her again. But I thought he had ESP and could teleport?

It must be her good charm. She goes into a closet which has shutters you can see out which is in the Kitchen.  Scarecrow man walks around like he's lost.  He can't be its as if he has lived there for years.  He knows everything.  He sits down at a kitchen chair right near the closet.  He sits there awhile.  She is scared, but why?  They are harmless people right?  The man walks away and she stares out to see where this guy went and he shows up right at the closet in her face.  She screams and he goes away.  Just what he wanted.  See Liv, just play along and all will be fine. So now we are near the end.  She goes back to her bedroom.  It is near daylight now.  She thinks she hears her boyfriend.  She goes to the doorway and scarecrow man hits her.  But why did it take almost 80 minutes to do so?

It is now daylight and both Liv and Scott are tied up in chairs.  While three bad people stare at them in their masks.  One take off a mask and you know it is a girl but they never show her face. Live asks the Ultimate Question I've been pining in my chair for nearly an hour and half for. Liv Tyler: "Why did you do this?" The girl who took her mask off says, "Because you were home." I'm confused. Then they all stab them to death.  This part was really stupid actually. The ending was that dumb. So the freak-o's leave in their beatup truck and see two kids walking down the road giving away Christian pamphlets.  Or they are Jehovah Witness' or something.  Not sure.  They stop and the girl gets out and asks if she can have one.  One kid asks, "Are you a sinner?"  Well, duh...more like murderers but who really knows?

Only me and the two people they killed.  Oh no...but that is about all there is to this movie. I give it a C+.

I recommend Vacancy instead -- it is way better and has somewhat of a same concept, only it involves a motel in the middle of nowhere and it's just scarier.

I hope The Strangers don't come a-knocking.

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