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Poetry List

Weak test limerick.

This is a test work for the new poetry section. It has no real content, or at least any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

There was a man from West Chester
Served the King well as court jester
hidden on the wall
spring turned into fall
as he realized he had been sequestered.


It was a quick one, so judge not too harshly. Can't seem to figure out how to remove the extra line spacing though.

Date Written: 
Wed, 05/25/2011
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Not to be confused with the first entry labeled Six  - same title, same event, different purpose, different intended subject.

A year older today,
 another mark on the chart
the progress of age,
 there from the start

Six years ago, you were very small
We were new to it, on what to do and all
Somehow we got through it,
step by step by step,
and here you stand before us tall

Six years is fast by some standard,
 but here we see it slower in some way,
much, much faster in others
running down the track

Two teeth down, many more left
and the end of the school year at hand,
these things mark your birthday this year,
and a party where Scooby Doo is here

The years fly by, maybe faster for us
than they do for you.
All in all, happy birthday kid,
 for remember,
the innocence of Six
 only happens once.


5.27.10-1    glenn

Date Written: 
Thu, 05/27/2010
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Krog at The Bog

There once was a man named Krog
who ran up a tab at The Bog
He sat down beside
what he thought was his bride
and ran away into the fog.

5.17.10-1 (Test faux limerick)

Date Written: 
Mon, 05/17/2010
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In a rare departure from the ongoing series of old poetry, today is a fresh work composed late on December 12th, in honor of K's birthday.

Who would have thought
after fifteen years
grown, aged, yet still young
 survived the world,
 highs, lows and heartbreaks galore
   now stronger than ever,
ready to begin that 35th year
 with its just gusto
   on the quest
 for life's true meaning -
 one's own answer awaits,
 it's the struggle to find it
that keeps life going.

So here's a pint of Guinness in your honor. Just don't chug it, unless you drop a shot of Bailey's into a 3/4 pint of Guinness (Car Bomb)

Date Written: 
Wed, 12/12/2007
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Today marks the day Caleb would have been six. He thought kindly to send down snowflakes, to set up the holiday season for his little sister, who now begins to understand, at 3 1/2, and is ready to sing happy birthday. She helped us last year, but was too young to really get why there was cake this time of year. The priceless quip from her this year was her comment on seeing his photo - "I want him to be bigger" - he was only 8 inches tall when born. Seeing our daughter grow up is a great experience, and something we would not trade for anything. The one thing it does illustrate is how we missed the chance to get to know Caleb in the same way, and that is an ongoing 'pain' that will never really go away.

Snowflakes from heaven,
tears of great joy
on occasion of memory
That Wednesday of past
terrible as it was
gave us the blessing
that we now enjoy
Yes, he was taken
way before his time
before we could know
who he might become
Now he sits
up amongst God
keeping an eye
guarding his sister
instructing us
that his loss was not in vain.

Date Written: 
Wed, 12/05/2007
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Life (and Nature) often have a way of ensuring that "things that aren't meant to be" don't happen. Often, going through them is excrutiatingly painful, perhaps more mentally than physically. And the recovery from them can take additional time far in excess of the original problem existing. When it involves life, even that live as small as a fertilized egg, the hopes that are smashed when bad news is reaziled are even worse. Minds are geared up to the new arrival, the joy is shared among friends and family, and then WHAM! The Joy is shattered, replaced by sorrow and sadness.

How does one describe
the onset of sadness
one so sudden,
replacing sheer joy
that had for a moment existed;
Is it any easier on the mind
that there was never anything there,
even as the body was sure there was?
The answer obvious
clear as day
not a chance
a rocky path,
hot coals
- a tightrope towering above
the city street below

Date Written: 
Fri, 06/08/2007
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Krog’s Ode (12.13.04-1)

The aforementioned "Krog's Ode", written three years ago on the occasion of Krog's Birthday:

Here's to another year,
some say it's never so clear
bouncing down life's path
reluctant to do the math
the years are seen adding
it's nonstop, it's maddening
Yet the mind controls age
with as much anxiety as a sage;
There is light on the other side
another year to abide,
once this day is done --
the day that adds one.

Date Written: 
Mon, 12/13/2004
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Poetry of glenn: When one recollects, 8.10.03-2

This fifth installment of original poetry was written on August 10th, 2003, with no title, but goes by the first line, When one recollects:

When one recollects
 upon past images,
memories and scenes
 they rush the brain
in quick succession -
  reminding of those times,
which idle words
 only do an injustice
From euphoria
 to sadness,
a range of emotions
 to overwhelm
the sensory inputs --
 the pictures last,
  in perpetuity,
in the land of dreams.

8.10.03-2	glenn
Date Written: 
Sun, 08/10/2003
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Poetry of glenn: “Serenity”, 10.29.96-2

This week's installment is an old, original work from October 29, 1996, entitled Serenity:


Seeing the Moonlight
 on the balcony
not quite so free
of the urban haze

 All is calm,
just a constant stream
 of background noise --
 vehicles on the main road

An occaisional stereo is heard
 a beat here, a bar there
 or maybe only percussion
not loud enough to distract

Headlights flow past
 in parking lots
pizza delivery flies by
  and yet,
 the smoke is still silent

Waiting with a patience
 approaching that of Job--
but the pack is still empty,
  the tray full
with nary a soul to be found.

Date Written: 
Tue, 10/29/1996
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Poetry: Sonnet #11 by "glenn"

I am considering republishing some old poetry on this forum, written under the pseudonym "glenn", the first being written on September 25, 1996:


Sonnet #11

These events have opened a flood, a stream
deep in thought of your beauty, of your eyes
I am melted by their luminous gleam --
a green brown to make jealous the blue skies

On top of that, your voice mesmerizes
makes the day easier, takes the mind away
from worries and pains; it emphasizes
a pinch back from dreamland, the real McCoy

Who could call it insanity? Not I!
And the soft touch, ever so sensitive
throws me into a realm, I know not why,
I thought was only imaginative

your beauty goes unacknowledged by you,
which confuses me, as I can't help but view.

9.25.96-1  glenn
Date Written: 
Wed, 09/25/1996
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Poetry of glenn: Heroes or Skeletons in the Closet (Soliloquy #466), 8.13.96-2

A freshly posted work, this is a rare soliloquy that rated an actual title, "Heroes or Skeletons in the Closet", originally simply known as Soliloquy #466. It appeared in the "Era VII" subset of Annotations of Life, which was subtitled "Findings". It was on Page 14 in the original WordPerfect file.

Heroes or Skeletons in the Closet
(Soliloquy #466)

Such recollections
the atmosphere brings  
the trip back
  to prior days
of dates, dinners
  and Italian restaurants

brings a teare to the eye
 for they were good times all
 long undisturbed

back to the present 
 the coffee and chatter
this is a new era,
  so rejoice,

Count the blessings--
for it is the new day.

8.13.96 2        glenn
Date Written: 
Tue, 08/13/1996
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Poetry of glenn: Summations, 3.25.96-1

February starts off with works from 1996, this one from March and the next two installments from January. These are after the last edition of Annotations of Life.


Sonnets and Odes
 images, elegies
Visions of things to come
these are my words,
   but wait---
equally prevalent
are those of the past,
  or those
that once talked
 of a road foreseen,
yet derailed
  down another fork
these are all my writings,
      a varied lot---
masterpieces and ditties alike:
  the trappings of "glenn"
No matter the subject.

3.25.96-1       glenn

Date Written: 
Mon, 03/25/1996
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Poetry of glenn: Misspelled, Misdirected and Unanswered Questions, 1.27.96-1

This week's installment of old, original poetry is from January of 1996. It relates the stuggle of uncertainty in romantic endeavours, with a title that may well be the longest one I ever used. It was written after the last edition of Annotations of Life.

The Misspelled, Misdirected and Unanswered Questions

herewith I Ask
 shall this proceed?
with these rendezvous
   seeming to imply
 wanting more links,
more togetherness, Having fun
 talking, simple elation
at gleeful armouring,
words, filt to help
 inflate egoes, hearts
  and minds, ever wondering
who shall reel back next
 from the Y'all drawl -
 such, rhe only one
waiting, in understanding correct,
  are doubts necessary?
no, the gaming proves reciprocity.

1.27.96-1      glenn

Date Written: 
Sat, 01/27/1996
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Poetry of glenn: The Soliloquy, 7.27.95-2

Our last installment for February takes us back to July of 1995, and a look into the thought process of writing a soliloquy.  It may have been in the last edition of Annotations of Life.

"The Soliloquy"

such medicine it is,
 the debating of thoughts
several in a short time
   finding your way
 within yourself

  in the mind
    where all inhibitions
       are forsaken,
   heated discussions
   of tormenting thoughts
  of dilemmas, quandries
        and love

where else
    is such a playing ground
  so fertile,
 so fresh
that all can be game

of thought, of mind
usually are the result,
    but, rarer still,
are the deepest bowels of despair
    that push some shakespearian men
 over the edge to death

 Overall, the soothing
  cannot be denied --
the renewed mental state --
 and strength to face the world.

7.27.95-2     glenn

Date Written: 
Thu, 07/27/1995
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Poetry of glenn: Love resembles, 8.12.94-1


This week's installment of old original poetry goes by the first line of Love resembles. It has not seen the light of day since appearing on page 124 of the self-published Annotations of Life.
 Love resembles
    oven fresh cookies
   soft, tender
     sweet and moist
 warm, inviting
    Ready to Savour
      the taste lasting,
 long after the cookie devoured.
8.12.94-1             glenn
Date Written: 
Fri, 08/12/1994
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Poetry of glenn: “Pickett” - 9.12.93-1

Today's installment of the Poetry of glenn is a piece from September 12, 1993, which originally appeared on page 105 of the self-published compilation annotations of life:



embattled troops
raced toward death
to break enemy lines
  open field
 blocks the way
  men fall
  others move forward
  determined to succeed,
    take the ridge
   scores of wheat
    obstacle of the hour
   soaring artillery
   wreaking havoc
  casulties rising
   regiments slaughtered
       the objective in sight
  when will it end
     the third day
   intense fighting
  yearning for the wall
      thousands dead
    The Flag leads
       o'er the ridge
     makes it over:
       Armistead as well
   the high-water mark
     of the greatest tragedy
       of an entire lifetime.

9.12.93-1        glenn
Date Written: 
Sun, 09/12/1993
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This week's installment of old, original poetry, this one from July 1993 entitled "Words". It originally appeared on page 98 of Annotations of Life, a prior self-published compilation from 1993-1994.

There it is, the ripe melody
even jazzy
or rather,
a new tonic
with the same scale
as the old key,
great as it is,
next for the words:
Oh my --
I knew I had forgotten something.

Date Written: 
Mon, 07/26/1993
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Poetry of glenn: "Par 4" - 3.28.93-1

The following work last saw the light of day appearing on Page 88 of the self-published compilation "annotations of life", sometime around 1994. The strangeness of it is that I don't play golf.

"Par 4"

Crazed they are just for links,
so be it last the sun to play on
well into the night
Just four rounds hole in
one with the bright lights,

Cameras and interviews
Come to the nightly news Big news,
last round data being entered into the east scoreboard
ready is some hero for the earnings of victory.

3.28.93-3 glenn

Date Written: 
Sun, 03/28/1993
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Poetry of glenn: Life Strikes, 5.29.92-1

This week's installment of old original poetry is an untitled work, Life Strikes, from May 29th, 1992.

Life strikes
people listen
more and more
driving them crazy
take this
     take that
lead lead must lead
follow will get you killed
enjoy make new
cheer up, it's not bad
no need for despair
not today
   not tomorrow
     not ever
swing out of those
depressant swings
and begin anew
Life goes on
and so do we
ever changing and
always the same
paradox, maybe,
but true it is
Life as we see it
It's all relative
leaning upon the backing
packing for a trip
a great adventure
to the great unknown:
the future.

5.29.92-1       glenn
Date Written: 
Fri, 05/29/1992
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Poetry of glenn: Life is Life, 5.26.92-1

This week's installment of old original poetry is another 15-year old work, from May 1992, with a first line of Life is Life.

Life is Life
no more, no less
it gives, it takes
it laughs, it cries
it sings you lullabies
Murphy's law
ever so true
comes and goes
as it pleases
The bad streak
comes at the
worst time possible
especially in times
of Love and War.

5.26.92-1       glenn
Date Written: 
Tue, 05/26/1992
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