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Smorgasboard, October 2013 edition

This is a drive by announcement. I am back. Not that I was ever really gone, just captivated by an extended baseball season in Pittsburgh for the first time since Krog and I were freshmen at Penn State. Ok, so that's not the whole reason for by perceived invisibility, but it sounded good at the time.

I will make this a smorgasboard of posts, touching on several brief topics that had I attempted separate posts for them all would never see the light of day:




Well folks, we may have been hacked.

I received an email from the hosting company letting me know that access to the site had been suspended due to red flags being thrown up that indicated we may have been hacked. So, I was given a list of things to fix, I fixed them (deleted them, actually) and we're back up.

The site is now completely updated codewise, all modules up to date, etc.

So we should be firing on all cylinders.

Merry Christmas Planeteers!

Merry Christmas or what ever you celebrate this holiday season to everyone here on Buried Planet! I hope you and your family had a great day!

Get Your Tweet ON!

Get Your Tweet On

Because it is undeniably true that any really important message can be distilled down to its essential 140 character limit, BuriedPlanet is now 'on' Twitter. What this means is you can 'follow' BuriedPlanet using your Twitter account.

BP's twitter feed (for now) will be updated every time new content becomes available -- for now I'm sticking to blog entries, movie and video game reviews. If you would like to follow us, just click on the link!

We may also implement a rotating list of tweets that BP is following, just for kicks.

Hi! I'm a new person!

Video games: why waste good technology on science and medicine?

 Ello! I said I'd write a quick intro post, so here it is. It will be quick, mind, because I'm not really sure what to write.

I enjoy playing video games, and have done since I was pretty young. My older brother was nuts for video games and used to collect them like some people collect postage stamps. I actually have no idea how he afforded it to be honest. I guess EVERY birthday and Christmas was dedicated to expanding the selection. In any case, it worked out pretty well for me because it meant I could have a whale of a time with this big ol' games catalogue for free! And without dedicating any of my own birthdays etc. to it! Back of the net.

I play games a lot less these days, which is just a by-product of (supposedly) being an adult, which involves lots of those horrible responsibility things. Still, I generally prefer to chill out either by playing a game or writing (pretty rubbish) music as opposed to watching TV, so there's still ample game-time for me. 

Workflow Reminder

We have a new writer aboard, who will try his hand at video game and movie reviews. Please welcome him aboard everyone. His handle is Trizaic, and he's a Brit -- like Rojo. I'll let him introduce himself.

In the meantime, here are some links that may be of help to Trizaic:

Writer's Workshop

Catching Up: Law & Order & Lincoln

Rel as usual is behind in TV, entertainment, and BP. So much stuff cycles through our DVR, rarely do we see things when they air. Usually we are weeks behind, and sometimes we don't get to a season finale until the next season has begun.

So, what has Rel been watching lately?

I am here (or, the lull is over)

I thought I would be a grand entrance, something like:


 Our quest may well be Quixotic. But the quest must go on. Is the dream impossible? We shall find out.

 We will endeavor to be around more, all around. I had to settle for a subtitle of "the lull is over" as it has been intended to be for some time. We will see if we can make it last. 

Changes to Poetry Content Type

I've been toying around with the poetry content type. My goals are:

1. Automatically wrap whatever is placed in the 'body' section in a unique font and style.

2. The author's opening and closing statements should have a secondary font and style, to set them apart from the poetry content itself.

3. I've tried to put the poetry into a randomly rotating side block.

It's still a work in progress.

Fear Month at Buried Planet!

October is my favorite month because it contains that most wonderful of all holidays: Halloween -- the one day of the year I can be myself. That is, a guy who loves scary movies. For your reading (and potential viewing) pleasure, I will be releasing one new horror-themed movie review every single day of October.

That's right folks, I've got 31 new movie reviews in the pipeline, ready for release. These are films have been carefully selected for their unique contributions to the horror genre. They will range from the terrifying to the comedic and will feature ghosts, sideshow freaks, time-traveling serial killers, aliens, demons, werewolves, vampires, Satan (Hi Satan!), Japanese schoolgirls, witches, pagans, prehistoric flatworms, shapeshifters, Dread Cthulhu, evil sorcerers, Elvis, classic cars, zombies, sharks and Paris Hilton.

Stay tuned for some serious cinematic chaos, starting tomorrow.

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