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On Arcologies

SimCity 2000

Ok, so it's been far, far too long since I posted anything -- and yet I continue to pay for hosting, so it's time I wrote something again. There's an article about an architect planning on building a building based upon the shaped of a dragonfly wing here. From the article, the building would feature urban farming:

Ann Coulter vs. Darwiniacs

GEICO Caveman

Ann Coulter's previous column was disappointing not because she eviscerated aggresive atheists who denounce theists, but because she supports Intelligent Design, which has been roundly defeated as a theory, even in conservative Christian circles.

Chairwoman Ann devoted this week's column to a continued attack on evolutionary theory, and it saddens me that such an intelligent (and foxy) woman should go down this path. It's the wrong path Ann. Sure, going down this path with drive aggresively stupid atheists into apoplectics, but it's not worth the trip Ms. Coulter.

Turn back, now. Please!

My rebuttal to Ms. Coulter's column follows.

Ann Coulter Finally Wrong?

I freely admit to being a huge fan of Ann Coulter. My repeated marriage proposals to her have mostly gone unanswered (did not like her lawyer's tone last time around, either) but her most recent column has finally ocassioned our first lover's quarrel -- maybe just a tiff.

She's dead-on about so many other things -- she a champion of gay rights, too -- all to her credit.

But Chairman Ann is finally wrong.

Space Shuttle Program Ends with a Thud

Early this morning, NASA saw fit to end the 30 year Space Shuttle program by landing Atlantis before sunrise at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It was as if they cared not have the American people watch the landing live, since they landed while most everyone was still asleep.

So much more could have been made of this event. Instead, it was as if they went quietly into the night. Quiet so magnified by the lack of a ready replacement vehicle. Short sighted, yes, but when they cancelled the Shuttle program, the necessary 2-3 year lead time needed for parts, supplies and training meant shutting down the supply line well in advance of the final flight of Atlantis. Subsequent to this, the Obama administration saw fit to cancel the Constellation program, which was set to replace the Shuttle. By the time this latter cancellation was made, it was too late to restart the shuttle supply chain - even if reinstated, the Shuttle program would have faced a flight gap.

Robot Cheetah

How incredible is that?! Check out the researcher at about 45 seconds into the video kicking the robot, and the robot actually recovers. I don't think it moves anywhere near cheetah speeds, but I would love to see the robot when it can rear back on its haunches and bound up a hill. This thing looks like something straight out of Metal Gear.

Isn't meta-analysis just about the least accurate form of statistic analysis as far as gathering data of the general population?

So there's this recent meta-analysis correlating the connection between racism and religion, and while I wouldn't begin to argue that are not high numbers of racist white Christians (especially in areas that were heavily segregated), I just cannot buy into the idea that this study in any way shape or form provides a slight bit of evidence that racism is either a cause of religion or that racism is more likely to be found in religious groups rather than non-religious groups.

Scientists need new prefix for 10^27... Proposed: "Hella"

So scientists need a new prefix for numbers in the 10^27 range.  They've got "mega", "terra", etc... now we're looking at "hella" as a potential addition to the official SI list.

More here:



All I know is they need to decide quickly... economists and Obama will need it to describe the deficit shortly.

Baby Sloths

John Holdren, Obama's Science Czar

I was over at lgf earlier today and was reading the posts of a member named 'zombie' who runs a blog called 'zombietime'. The blog focuses on photos of protestors. Seems that 'zombie' goes to these events and takes the pictures, sometimes at personal risk to herself. (I'm assuming zombie's gender, as the feminine term has been used).

What really intrigued me was zombie's essay about John Holdren, Obama's science czar.

I think it's a must-read.

Tesla - Master of Lightning.

Inventor of the Death-Ray

On this date 153 years ago, Mr. Tesla was born.

He is one of my favorite inventors of the past.  He actually is the first to invent the radio, even though he is not credited.  And inventor of many revolutionary things

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