Turtle Shows His 'O' Face.

Our friend Will from willsadultswim forwarded this to me, as he knows I consider the turtle to be a kind of personal totem. Enjoy.

Phillie Fan Tased, Bro

I'm not quite sure why I like this photo as much as I do -- the sight of a Phillies fan being run down and tasered gives me joy. Plus, he's got this weird, "Maybe this was a bad idea..." look on his face. Perhaps all Phillies fans everywhere should be tasered, just for fun.

Bugs Bunny Rides Again

One of the better lines: "Hey, wait a minute Sam. We ain't getting nowheres, we're right back where we started."

Macs Not Safer

Linux vs PC vs Mac

Marc Maiffret, a leading hacker and computer security expert has recently been quoted as saying that PCs are actually safer from viruses and other security attacks than Macs -- sending Mac users scurrying to buy latte, strap on some Birkenstocks and just generally go on being gigantic useless hippies.

The interview can be found over at CNET, and here's the quote:

And you think Apple is taking it seriously too now?
Maiffret: Oh yeah. It's even a little scarier with them because they try to market themselves as more secure than the PC, that you don't have to worry about viruses, etc. Anytime there's been a hacking contest, within a few hours someone's found a new Apple vulnerability. If they were taking it seriously, they wouldn't claim to be more secure than Microsoft because they are very much not. And the Apple community is pretty ignorant to the risks that are out there as it relates to Apple. The reason we don't see more attacks out there compared to Microsoft is because their market share isn't near what Microsoft's is.

Are they on par as far as code?
Maiffret: I think Microsoft does a better job with their code auditing than folks like Apple do. We've only seen a scratching of the surface as far as Apple vulnerabilities because nobody cares to find them. There's nothing inherent with Apple themselves and their development. The only reason Apple gets little increase in security is because they're running on top of a Unix-based operating system and they can take advantage of some of the things that have been done for them.

Porn for Blind People

Pron for the Blind?

A Canadian woman has published a new pornographic magazine intended to be 'read' by blind people, reports UK Telegraph:

The book, the brainchild of Lisa Murphy and called Tactile Minds, is designed to be 'enjoyed' by the blind and visually impaired - and is on sale for £150.

Tiger Wood Nike Parody

Reporter Booted from Sean Penn Gala

The Washington Examiner is reporting that a journalist who asked Sean Penn about his comment that critics of his efforts to help the Haitian people should 'die screaming of rectal cancer.'

Harlan Ellison

The great tragedy of my life is that in my search for the Holy Grail everyone calls True Love, I see myself as Zorro, a romantic and mysterious highwayman — and the women I desire see me as Porky Pig.

Wal-Mart Sale on Black Barbies

Gangsta Bitch Barbie

More evidence that the election of Barack Obama has not led us into a golden age of post-racism:

Walmart: Black Barbie Sold Cheaper Than White Barbie


Walmart is raising eyebrows after cutting the price of a black Barbie doll to nearly half of that of the doll's white counterpart at one store and possibly others.

So this blatant racism might possibly be occuring at other stores?

The article continues:

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